If you are ready to make a commitment to idling reduction practices, we are here to help. It is simple, really. You will save money and increase your profile in the community.

Community Idle Free Signs
The Provincial Government has idling reduction materials that can be ordered through their Victoria Distribution Centre. Visit their website to find out more.

HASTE Idle Free Cookbook: The Hub for Action on School Transportation Emissions (HASTE) Idle Free Cookbook offers three recipes to reduce idling in schools and communities, depending on the level of funding and time available. Feel free to “borrow” ingredients from other recipes to create your own plan to reduce idling!

HASTE also offers free idling resources to schools, including street signs for schoolyards, key chains and window decals, to help remind drivers to TURN IT OFF!

The Hub also has links to many fact sheets and other great resources. Visit their website for more information.

Natural Resources Canada Idle Free Zone has created this on-line resource to provide information on idling reduction, including ready to use graphic materials, guides, newsletters, and other resources.

Idle Free BC can provide you with kits of these materials to help you start your campaign, such as vehicle decals, brochures, and street signs. See the contact below for more details.

Presentations from past events

Click here to access the resources from past events.

Resources From BC Communities That Have Gone Idle Free

There are a number of resources, case studies and other tools that are available to other BC fleets or communities that want to start idling reduction campaigns.

Successful Fleet Programs:

Example Bylaws:

Example Idling Pollicies:

Guide to Bylaws:

School Programs:

Promotional Materials:

Training opportunities and workshops